LIFE Magazine December 27, 1937

LIFE Magazine December 27, 1937 The Frick Art Collection


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Pg… 9 The Sinking of the "Panay": U.S. vs. Japan

Pg… 14 Life on the American Newsfront

Pg… 16 Trek to Northwest Territory –1787–1937

Pg… 18 New Hudson River Tunnel Is Opened

Pg… 20 Mitzi Green at 17

Pg… 22 Esm? O'Brien at 17

Pg… 24 A Day in the Life of a New York Debutante

Pg… 49 Detroit's WXYZ Wins Award

Pg… 52 "Pins & Needles": A Labor Union Goes into Show Business

Pg… 54 Toscanini Comes Back to America

Pg… 56 The Camera Overseas: The Douglas–Percy Feud Ends at Altar

Pg… 58 The Camera Overseas: Mexico's First Murder Execution in Decade

Pg… 60 Christmas in Naziland

Pg… 61 Christmas in Quintupletland

Pg… 26 Television: A Successful Headache

Pg… 30 A Portfolio of Masterpieces from the Frick Collection

Pg… 39 New Pictures of 1938: A Long Look at Hollywood

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 4 Speaking of Pictures: Weston's Westerns

Pg… 62 LIFE Goes to a Party at a Fireman's Ball

Pg… 66 Pictures to the Editors

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