LIFE Magazine Fall 1987

LIFE Magazine Fall 1987 The Constitution Special Issue


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Pg… 6 An Enduring Passion: A Constitution that meets, and masters, new challenges.

Pg… 19 Section 1: Designing a ship of state

Pg… 20 Peace As Prologue: At the revolutions end, America faces the problem of government.

Pg… 22 Flaws in the First Charter: A confederation divided against itself

Pg… 24 Empty Pockets: by Richard B. Morris.

Pg… 28 The Year in Pictures – 1787: A bazaar of fashions and fads.

Pg… 38 News Clips: Of which is, pests and other downright ugly matters

Pg… 40 Who Were We Then? By Pauline Maier.

Pg… 44 Birthplace of the New Republic: The framers gather in America's most sophisticated city

Pg… 51 The Founding Fathers: Fifty Five men forge a Union

Pg… 60 Passionate Discourse: Exhortation's from the convention floor

Pg… 62 A Visible Legacy: The much traveled parchment is finally enshrined

Pg… 65 Section 2: Two centuries of trial and triumph

Pg… 66 A Stately Duel in Virginia: Debate divides the Old Dominion

Pg… 76 The Battle to Ratify: by Robert Allen Rutland.

Pg… 78 Pageants, Parades, Pizzazz: A grand old party, indeed

Pg… 84 Baker, Banker, Clergyman, Thief: The people who press the landmark decisions that help define law and order

Pg… 90 Quirks & Quarks: In trivial pursuit of constitutional oddities

Pg… 95 Section 3: Blueprint for changing times

Pg… 96 The Nation's Town Meeting: For the 100th Congress, almost six times the size of the first, balancing executive powers remains paramount

Pg… 100 Executive Suite: The president and, in pecking order, his cabinet

Pg… 105 Justice Revealed: An exclusive visit to the inner sanctum of the Supreme Court

Pg… 114 One Case: The progress of an appeal through the high court – from delivery to disposal

Pg… 117 Ebb Tide for the States: The 50 fight to retain power against Washington's assault

Pg… 118 Firm yet Flexible: by Henry Steele Commager

Pg… 121 Modern Dilemmas: Free speech, privacy and equality are strenuously contested rights today

Pg… 126 A Call for Reform: by James McGregor Burns.

Pg… 128 The Invisible Reach: How the Constitution touches an American town

Pg… 136 Miscellany

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