LIFE Magazine February 15, 1963

LIFE Magazine February 15, 1963 What Happened to President Abraham Lincoln Body


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Pg… 4 Editorial: We Want a Europe Able to Defend Itself

Pg… 6 LIFE Guide: What to See and Do in the Warm Southlands?for Instance, Mardi Gras Merrymaking

Pg… 12 Her Unexpected Majesty: Special Report on What Happens When the Queen Just Pops In. By Dolly Connelly

Pg… 15 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 16 Boston's Terror: The City's Women Live in Fear as a Series of Sex Stranglings Goes Unsolved. Photographed for LIFE by Arthur Rickerby

Pg… 22 Epic Climbing Feat: Alpinists Scale a Murderous Mountain Wall in a 17–Day Battle Against Winter's Worst

Pg… 26 Canada in a Rage: Our Friendliest Neighbor Throws a Tantrum Over Us?and Loses a Government

Pg… 28 Diplomats' Flighty Flap: Fuss and Feathers Swirl as Statesmen Soar Off to Try to Salvage the Common Market

Pg… 30 Teen–Ager's Triumph: A Young Piano Virtuoso Substitutes for a Star?and Rocks the Concert Hall

Pg… 33 Sentimental Comeback: Tender Victorian Paintings Find a New Popularity

Pg… 41 Finest, Fiercest Powder: A Billion Explosive Particles Fit on the Head of a Pin

Pg… 48 Moods of a House: An Architect's Home Suits All Seasons

Pg… 62A Cassius Clay: "I'm Great": In Poetry and in the Ring a Heavyweight Contender Backs Up His Boasts

Pg… 70 Risks of Transfusions: New Facts?and Some Lurking Doubts?About Borrowed Blood. By Keith Wheeler

Pg… 83 Saga of Lincoln's Body: Rare Photos Bring a Strange History to Light: "His Face was Chalky White." By Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt

Pg… 90 Miscellany: Motorized Monkey Business

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