LIFE Magazine February 19, 1965

LIFE Magazine February 19, 1965 Dr. Albert Schweitzer at 90


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Vietnam: the War Turns North

Pg… 4 Editorials: Sense in that Golden Nonsense

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: Book Review: Late Call, by Angus Wilson, Reviewed by Margaret Elliott

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: Movie Review: Nothing But a Man, Reviewed by Brian O'Doherty

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: TV Review: Xerox United Nations Series, Reviewed by David Martin

Pg… 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28 The View from Here: Wan Cold of a Bright Sight. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 30 Critical Turn in Vietnam: Expanding Its Commitment, the U.S. Launches Air Strikes Against Communist North Vietnam. Bill Mauldin Reports on a Murderous Guerrilla Attack

Pg… 36 The Queen Calls On Judah's Lion

Pg… 38 A Bullfighter Is Gored

Pg… 40 Items in the News

Pg… 44A Washington Report

Pg… 49 Applause for Robert Lowell: A Prize Poet, Member of a Famous Family, Takes to Playwriting

Pg… 62 Primates, Part II: Monkeys: Their Social Ways Provide Parallels to Man's Development. Chart Gives a Personality Guide to Primates' Habits, Status and Etiquette. And Their Hands Help Place Them in the Evolutionary Tree

Pg… 82 Schweitzer's 90th Birthday: LIFE Makes an Inquiring Visit to the Great White Wizard of Africa. By Hugh Moffett. Photographs by George Silk

Pg… 97 Special Report: Yemen: The Imam, a Desert Fox, Fights Nasser to a Standstill. By George de Carvalho

Pg… 111 Busy, Busy Ski Doctor: On a Vermont Slope, He Sets 350 Fractures a Winter and Finds Girls and Greenhorns Hurt Most

Pg… 114 Great Dinners: Cioppino: A Strong and Heady Fish Stew from San Francisco is Awash in Wine and Laced with Garlic. By Eleanor Graves. Photograph by Mark Kauffman

Pg… 120 Miscellany: Sight for Sharp Eyes

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