LIFE Magazine February 1991

LIFE Magazine February 1991 Lincoln The President who gave meaning, honor and purpose to the Civil War


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Pg… 8 MOMENTS IN LIFE Pg… 19 LETTERS Pg… 21 NOTES FROM TILE INTERIOR A Flightless Bird Cooked in Oil by Roger Rosenblatt Pg… 22 Lincoln The power of words in tunes of war by Garry Wills 30 Memorial Where Americans go for a rebirth of idealism by Charles Hirshberg Pg… 36 Mad Max Plays Hamlet Mel Gibson, a great Dane from Down Under by Brad Darrach Pg… 48 The Greatest Show in India Nomadic circuses have a poetry all their own Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark Pg… 58 Lee Atwater’s Last Campaign Brain cancer forces the Republicans’ scrappy strategist to reevaluate his life by Lee Atwater with Todd Brewster Pg… 68 Kisses in the Dark A Hollywood valentine Pg… 80 Eliot Porter Remembering the genius who raised color photography to high art Pg… 87 SNAPSHOT The Winter of Our Content by Wallace Stegner Pg… 88 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by M. P. Rice

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