LIFE Magazine February 21, 1964

LIFE Magazine February 21, 1964 Lee Harvey Oswald ” Weapon used to kill JFK”


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Better Schools are the Real Goal of Integration

Pg… 4 Editorials: Don't Sell the U.S. Ski Team Short

Pg… 17 LIFE Guide: Where to See U.S. Track Stars

Pg… 11 Well–Planned Crawford: Movie Star Organizes Everything for Her Tour. Special Report by Richard Oulahan

Pg… 22 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 26 Was Jack Ruby Insane?: That is the Question Before the Court as the Killer of Lee Oswald Goes to Trial. By Ernest Havemann

Pg… 34 The Beatle Invasion: They're Here, and Neither the U.S. Nor Its Teen–Agers will Ever Again Be Quite the Same

Pg… 37 Items in the News

Pg… 38 Terror in Cyprus: Murder and Violence Continue as the U.S. and Britain Try for Peace

Pg… 40 Royal Love Affair: Princess Irene of the Netherlands is Betrothed to Prince Carlos of Spain

Pg… 45 A Missing Michelangelo?: Scholar Says She has Found a Crucifix by the Master?but Many Experts Disagree

Pg… 52 Winter in Venice: Snow, Mist and High Tide Bring a Haunting Beauty to the City. Photographed by Carlo Bavagnoli

Pg… 68A Oswald: Evolution of an Assassin: A Clinical Study of the Man Who Killed President Kennedy. By Donald Jackson

Pg… 82 Whippet Wins at Westminster: Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth Takes Dogdom's Highest Prize

Pg… 84 Too Much Leisure: Part II: Raised on a Diet of Hard Work, Americans Now Face a Glut of Leisure. By Ernest Havemann

Pg… 97 Bobby Fischer: Chess Master: A Cocky Boy Wonder Begins to Grow Up

Pg… 102 Great Dinners II: Roast Beef: The Most Robust of All Meats Deserves Precise Cooking, Finest Wine and a Menu in the Grand Style. Photographed by John Dominis

Pg… 108 Miscellany: Wriggler Under Wraps

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