LIFE Magazine February 24, 1961

LIFE Magazine February 24, 1961 Dag Hammarskjold U.N. Gravest Hour


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Pg… 16 THE WEEK’S EVENTS: Lumumba’s Legacy: Troubles Break Out All Over as a Congo Murder Brings Worldwide Riots and a Communist Attempt to Break Up the U.N. Pg… 22 THE WEEK’S EVENTS: Never to Skate Again: Laurence Owen Dies in Plane Crash that Kills U.S. Team Pg… 24 THE WEEK’S EVENTS: Crazy, But It’s Exercise: in New Fad Canadian College Students Push Beds Around Pg… 30 THE WEEK’S EVENTS: The New U.S. Attorney General Examines the Electric Company Scandals. “This Case is a Reflection on All of Us.” By Robert F. Kennedy Pg… 29 EDITORIALS: The Crisis in the U.N. Pg… 29 EDITORIALS: Business and Conscience Pg… 56 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS: The Vast, Storied Southwest: LIFE Offers a Late Winter Tour of a Warm Land with a Lively Past and Unspoiled Grandeur. Photographed for LIFE by N. R. Farbman Pg… 83 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS: Willy’s Big Whirl in Dog Show Biz: a Fond Family Enters Its Household Pet in the Westminster. Photographed for LIFE by Esther Bubley Pg… 90 ARTICLE: My Search for Vengeance: An Obsessed Jew Tells of His Relentless 15–Year Search for Adolf Eichmann. By Tuviah Friedman. Illustrations for LIFE by Daniel Schwartz Pg… 39 THEATER: Love on the Auction Block: Dion Boucicault’s Famous Century–Old Melodrama The Octoroon is Revived in New York Pg… 49 FASHION: A Garland of Spring Jackets: Artificial Flowers Blossom on the New Styles Pg… 51 SPORTS: Big Year for Ohio State’s Big Luke: 6–Foot–8–Inch Jerry Lucas Leads the Nation’s Top Basketball Team Pg… 77 ARCHAEOLOGY: Faces from a Maya Past: Skin Divers Bring Votive Vessels Up from Guatemalan Lakes Pg… 105 PARTY: Make–Believe Mothers: Little Girls at a Birthday Party Dress and Act Like Grownups Pg… 10 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: a Tip–Top House Painter Pg… 12 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors Pg… 108 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: a Real Wrap–Around Design

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