LIFE Magazine February 9, 1962

LIFE Magazine February 9, 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle Preview


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Pg… 32 STORY OF THE WEEK: Here Comes the Rambler Man: Politics Beckons George Romney. Photographed for LIFE by Francis Miller

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: For the Farm Mess, an Ax

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Yes but, Virginia

Pg… 42 NEWSFRONTS: N.S. (for Nuclear Ship) ?A Novel Lincoln Photo Find?Five Whiz Science Winners?Maria Schell's First–Born?Mrs. Rockefeller's Reno Move?Brooklyn Mobsters Turned Hero

Pg… 74 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: Space–Age Wonders in Seattle: a Preview of a Spectacular $80 Million World's Fair

Pg… 96 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: High Tension, High Wire, Great Wallendas. Can They Make It? "Halfway, I Feel Something Wrong." By Karl Wallenda

Pg… 110 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Who's Who in the Tumult of the Far Right? By Keith Wheeler

Pg… 136 SPOTLIGHT: The Ladies Who Came to Stay: Eight Durable Movie Stars Still Shine Like New

Pg… 53 DEPARTMENTS: TV: Does Jack Look Quite Up to Paar? Benny Does a Spoof on Paar

Pg… 59 DEPARTMENTS: Fashion: Three Roles for a $4 Blouse

Pg… 70 DEPARTMENTS: Art: the Fine Art of Skiing in Painting a Mural

Pg… 85 DEPARTMENTS: Close–Up: S.J. Perelman?the Cranky Humorist

Pg… 129 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Winter Addition to the American Scene?Baseball on Snowshoes

Pg… 29 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Once Again the World Ends. By Robert Wallace

Pg… 19 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to All Kinds of Reference Books, Cat Shows, Festivals, Music

Pg… 11 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 144 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Baby–Sitting Bowwow

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