LIFE Magazine January 19, 1962

LIFE Magazine January 19, 1962 Ice Sailing on Wisconsin Lake


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Pg… 26 STORY OF THE WEEK: A Long Agony Now Hurtles to Climax?in Algeria a Fuse is Lit, a Bomb Bursts, Passions Clash. Proud Eloquence on France's Travail. By Former Premier Edgar Faure

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Let's Be Firm on Castro

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: We Stand with De Gaulle

Pg… 38 NEWSFRONTS: Western Cattle Drive?Adenauer's Busy 86th?A Blackball Backfires at the Cosmos?Little Board's Scandal?Frank's High–Kicking Juliet

Pg… 54 EXCITEMENT ON ICE: Gangway for the Fastest Craft Under Sail: a Color Spectacle on Iceboating, a Zooming Sport Whose Pilots Go 100 mph. Photographed for LIFE by George Silk

Pg… 64A EXCITEMENT ON ICE: Slower, Safer, no Saner than Iceboating: That's Ice Fishing. An Article of the Week on the Cult of the Fishhouse. By Paul O' Neil

Pg… 76 EXCITEMENT ON ICE: Kids' Hockey Explodes and the Rinks Go Boom. A Photographic Essay on the Youngsters Who Get Up at Dawn for a Chance to Play

Pg… 85 EXCITEMENT ON ICE: The Girl Watchers: Skiing Opens a Rich Field for a Scientific Sport. By John McDermott

Pg… 93 EXCITEMENT ON ICE: A Lively Burst on the Ski Slopes?the Newest Ski Clothes Mix Gaudy Patterns and Colors

Pg… 97 EXCITEMENT ON ICE: Hopeful Hurrah for Our Team: Promising Young Figure Skaters Train to Replace the Team that Died in an Air Crash

Pg… 24 EXCITEMENT ON ICE: LIFE'S GUIDE to Wintertime Sports All Over

Pg… 45 DEPARTMENTS: Medicine: New Way to Detect a Dread Disease?PKU

Pg… 49 DEPARTMENTS: Theater: Glad Rags for a Gay Life in a Musical About Old Vienna

Pg… 16 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Hang on to Your Pence?an Urgent Letter to the British About Decimals. By Paul Mandel

Pg… 11 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

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