LIFE Magazine January 1979

LIFE Magazine January 1979 Rare Dog Breeds


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note

Pg… 8 Windows Puns Can Be Fun in Pictures

Pg… 12 Letters

Pg… 14 The Mystery of Staunton Hill How did Sasha Bruce die? By Paul O'Neil

Pg… 24 Happiness Is a Hot Tub The latest in bathing has nothing to do with getting clean

Pg… 32 Big–Time Gambling Comes East Atlantic City's bonanza is less than a blessing Exclusive photographs by David Douglas Duncan

Pg… 42 Dogs So Rare Six unusual breeds of man's best friend

Pg… 51 Twisted Words A personal account of life with dyslexia By Eileen Simpson

Pg… 61 The Master and His Company Balanchine's genius makes New York City Ballet sparkle Photographs by Gjon Mill

Pg… 69 Welcome Back the Hat Glamorous heads are wearing them tiny and shiny

Pg… 72 Along the Edge of Disaster: A Special Report The San Andreas Fault rattles California with tremors every day, and new studies point to more violent earthquakes

Pg… 89 Here Come the Clones Hollywood has an epidemic of remake fever

Pg… 94 Life Around the World Frankie and His Stage–door Johnnies

Pg… 96 Life Around the World Far, Far Out with the Hobie Cats

Pg… 99 Life Around the World Game, Set, Match, and Whee!

Pg… 100 Life Around the World The Village of the Dead in Guyana

Pg… 102 Life Around the World Coming of Age

Pg… 104 Just One More

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