LIFE Magazine January 1988

LIFE Magazine January 1988 Year in Pictures 1987 Special Issue


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Pg… 3 MIRROR OF THE YEARS by Loudon Wainwright


Pg… 12 THE BIG PICTURE From the Soviet leader in D.C. to a Chinese goodwill ambassador in the Bronx

Pg… 29 CALENDAR Winter

Pg… 34 MAIN EVENT The Iran–contra testimony all pointed to a magnetic North

Pg… 42 AIDS Charting its relentless course

Pg… 50 CHEERS! These jocks triumphed

Pg… 58 HUNKS A voyeur's view of manly vigor

Pg… 68 HONEYS … and womanly vim

Pg… 73 CALENDAR Spring

Pg… 76 NIMBY Neighborhood rallying cry

Pg… 80 PAGEANTRY A red–letter day

Pg… 89 RED SQUARE Wished you were here

Pg… 90 TRIAL & ERROR A crowded docket

Pg… 98 GOOD GUYS Yes, there are still some left

Pg… 104 ZOO An exaltation of beasties

Pg… 107 CALENDAR Summer

Pg… 112 GOODBYE Their radiance undimmed

Pg… 120 OUTRAGE A child is beaten to death

Pg… 122 WAR ZONE U.S. patrols the Persian Gulf

Pg… 127 CALENDAR Fall

Pg… 130 BOOHOO! Princess Diana's crocodile tears

Pg… 132 FIZZ A tasty and tasteless assortment

Pg… 134 EBB TIDE Wages and sin in the PTL

Pg… 136 THE GIRLS OF SUMMER A trio that transfixed America

Pg… 140 POOF! Oh, what $500 billion could buy : COVER: Tammy Bakker, South Korea riots, Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Fawn Hall, Jessica McClure, Persian Gulf mine, Jackie Joyner–Kersee, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Donna Rice and Gary Hart

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