LIFE Magazine January 1991

LIFE Magazine January 1991 Year in Pictures 1990 Special Issue


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Pg… 6 A BRAVE NEW YEAR Images that spoke eloquently of our times

Pg… 23 VOICES Month by month, an oral history

Pg… 28 OVER THERE Operation Desert Shield, poised in Saudi Arabia

Pg… 38 NEW KIDS …A Georgia peach, a Supreme Court Justice …

Pg… 51 ALLIANCES They did it all for love?and politics

Pg… 52 ENDANGERED SPECIES The owl and the woodsman at loggerheads

Pg… 55 BRIGHT SPOT IN SPACE After shuttle trouble, NASA boosted the Hubble

Pg… 61 MR. BUSH, EAT YOUR BROCCOLI Preschoolers cook up recipes for the President

Pg… 62 CRAYONS Colorific new hues in the classic box

Pg… 66 STRESS FRACTURES Tensions tested these not–so–United States

Pg… 75 PROUD PAPAS A film star, playboy and rocker as father figures

Pg… 78 CRY FREEDOM Opposition leaders had days of triumph

Pg… 91 FALLS FROM GRACE From mayor to baseballer, the mighty bit the dust

Pg… 93 IN VOGUE A decade dawned with new icons of cool

Pg… 98 NOBLE NUMBERS In the sporting arena, athletes posted stellar stats

Pg… 100 FOREVER YOUNG We loved and lost 'em, but we'll always remember

Pg… 113 MOMENTS TO FORGET Public relations can backfire?three who know

Pg… 115 ENGULFED Helmsmen tried to keep their heads above water

Pg… 118 AFTER THE WALL Eastern Europe's struggle to build democracy


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