LIFE Magazine January 1997

LIFE Magazine January 1997 Year in Pictures 1996 Special Issue


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Pg… 6 What's up, What's Down: Nice was in, Dole was out, and Americans struck gold down south.

Pg… 24 The Big Picture: The years most extraordinary and memorable moments.

Pg… 56 When the Shooting Stops: A panoramic view of wars wrenching aftermath.

Pg… 68 The Story of the Year: What these youngsters accomplished wasn't just kid stuff.

Pg… 78 Our Favorite Martians: A year that showcases Marge Schott and Michael Jackson can seem out of this world.

Pg… 82 Tribute: they amused us, they inspired us. A fond farewell.

Pg… 104 Just One More. : Cover photographs: JFK Jr. wedding – Denis Reggie, Ella Fitzgerald – Leonard Herman, Kerri Strug & Bela Karolyi – David Turnley, The Clinton's – Greg Gibson, Liv Tyler – Nina Sabo, Dilbert – United feature syndicate : America mourns: the victims of TWA 800 and ValuJet 592. : Weather Reigns: hurricanes! Fires! Blizzards! Floods! : and friends depart: George Burns, Gene Kelly, Ella Fitzgerald, Erma Bombeck,Tupac Shakur

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