LIFE Magazine January 22, 1945

LIFE Magazine January 22, 1945 St. John?s University Basketball Bill Kotsores


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Pg… 19 The Week's Events: Battle begins for Luzon in the Philippine Islands

Pg… 26 The Week's Events: Editorial: Vandenberg's Speech

Pg… 27 The Week's Events: Mrs. Roosevelt's Fourth Inaugural Gown

Pg… 28 The Week's Events: Battle of the Bulge air campaign rages on Christmas

Pg… 30 The Week's Events: Red Cross Sends packages to prisoners at Nazi concentration camp at Vught in the Netherlands

Pg… 32 The Week's Events: Time and LIFE correspondent Bill Chickering killed in action

Pg… 35 The Week's Events: Two Sisters from Cincinnati Interned by Allies

Pg… 76 Article: The Nine Young Men, by John Chamberlain

Pg… 41 Close–Up: Rear Admiral "Jocko" Clark, by William P. Gray

Pg… 63 Photographic Essay: Storage Wall

Pg… 63 Photographic Essay: American Home and How It Could Be Improved

Pg… 53 Sports: Basketball Plays

Pg… 57 Theater: Broadway comedy "Dear Ruth" with Virginia Gilmore and John Dall

Pg… 72 Modern Living: California Sun Fashion

Pg… 6 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Mili's Jam Session

Pg… 11 Other Departments: LIFE's Reports: The Education of Willie, by A. B. C. Whipple

Pg… 94 Other Departments: LIFE Calls on Esther Williams

Pg… 98 Other Departments: LIFE's Miscellany: Parachutes Provide Comfort in Foxholes

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