LIFE Magazine July 14, 1961

LIFE Magazine July 14, 1961 Ernest Hemingway Death


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Pg… 36 STORY OF THE WEEK: MacArthur's Welcome in the Philippines: an Old Soldier's Triumphant Return Shows a Nation's Unique Devotion to the Man and to America. Photographed by Grey Villet and Carl Mydans

Pg… 48 NEWSFRONTS: In Pictures and Words: Sandswept Defense in Kuwait?Higher, Mightier Hoffa?Israel's Big Rocket Lift?Murder in the Badlands?Snarls Inside Red Bloc?Navy's Seagoing Lady Sailor?and Some Bowling Nuns

Pg… 54 EDITORIAL: Berlin?Why Wait for Mr. K?

Pg… 59 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Hemingway: Pictures Show the Driving Force of a Great Artist, His Love of Action and Bravery and His Fascination with Death

Pg… 71 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: His Mirror was Danger. By Archibald MacLeish. A Famous Poet and Friend Assesses Hemingway

Pg… 80 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: Latin America's Story of Turbulence. Part IV in LIFE'S Series on Latin America. Tradition of Chaos and Division from Conquistadors to Today. In Mexico, a Working Class on Way Up; in Peru, Oligarchy on Way Out. Photographs by Dmitri Kessel

Pg… 101 SPOTLIGHT: Big Names Hit the Barns: Host of Stars Invades Summer Theater. Photographed by Nina Leen. Gleason Sinks His Teeth in Paris; Wulp has Profitable Woes

Pg… 77 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Dippy New Toy in the Water

Pg… 97 DEPARTMENTS: Medicine: Odd Images and Devices Test Minds

Pg… 11 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Visit to a Two–Finger Typist: William Faulkner Explains Why He is an "Amateur Writer." By Elliott Chaze

Pg… 19 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Whodunits, Art, Movies, Nature, TV

Pg… 27 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 108 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Tucking in a Tadpole

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