LIFE Magazine July 19, 1963

LIFE Magazine July 19, 1963 Greek Art Lives On


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Right Basis for Rights Bill

Pg… 4 Editorials: Why Bargaining Goes Wrong

Pg… 10 Creative Camping: Expert at Getting Other Outdoorsmen to Do the Work Tells How. Special Report by Paul Welch

Pg… 17 LIFE Guide: Reading for the Summertime: Indian Dances and a Watery Gala

Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22 Furor Over a Fatal Crash: Charged with Drunken Driving After His Involvement in a Collision that Killed Five, a New York Judge's Son is Acquitted by His Father's Colleagues?and the Cry of Outrage Echoes Across the U.S.

Pg… 28 Chinese Mission to Moscow: Peking Sends a Delegation, but the Great Red Rift Widens

Pg… 30 Small Country Hot Spots: Rioting Erupts in British Guiana. Egyptian Bomb inflicts Casualties in Yemen?and Poison Gas is Suspected

Pg… 32 Items in the News: Lawyers Seek Peace Through World Law. Frenchmen Destroy Surplus Potatoes. Per?n Loses Election to a Country Doctor. A Pole Vaulter is Paralyzed

Pg… 32B Racial Hatred in the North: White Rowdies Attack Negroes

Pg… 32D Turkey's 'Lady' Highwayman: An Outlaw is Exposed by a 5 O'Clock Shadow

Pg… 37 Heroic Rodeo Clown: Behind His Funny Act Wick Peth Does a Life and Death Job. By Colin Lofting

Pg… 47 Judy–Mickey's Reunion: Together as Youngsters, Garland and Rooney Join Again for Judy's TV Show

Pg… 52 The Beauty of Greek Art: The Final Instalment of LIFE'S Series on Greece Displays the Great Heritage in Which the Classical Spirit Endures

Pg… 68A Impact of Automation: Its Accelerating Effects have Pushed Our Society to the Point of No Return. A Probing Article by Keith Wheeler Tells How Big Labor Hunts for the Hard Answers

Pg… 91 A Private River Boat: Ohioan Enjoys Mark Twain Idyl

Pg… 95 Making '8 ?': LIFE Watches the Dizzy Doings as Fellini Directs His Autobiographical Film

Pg… 98 Miscellany: Someday I'll Find You

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