LIFE Magazine July 1983

LIFE Magazine July 1983 National Parks in Peril


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Pg… 4 Editors Note: Surviving Seattle's Harsh Streets

Pg… 7 The View from Here: Cries of Played before the Mysterious Sickness of AIDS by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 8 Camera at Work: California Calendar Artists Previously Unpublished Photographs of Marilyn Monroe

Pg… 19 Letters.

Pg… 21 Portrait: Elizabeth Dole, Nobody in Washington Could Be This Nice All the Time by James A. Miller.

Pg… 34 Streets of the Lost: Runaway Kids Eke out a Mean and Dangerous Life in Downtown Seattle.

Pg… 44 Welcome Back to Ellis Island: On the Eve of Its Restoration, Controversy Clouds Plans for the Famous IsIle

Pg… 52 Dead Aim: Amid Antinuclear Protests, the Pershing II Missiles Are Ready for Deployment.

Pg… 83 The Hitler Business: Collectors––Especially in the U.S.––Via for Relics from the Days of Der Fuhrer.

Pg… 92 The Short Flight of a Spy in the Run: Christopher Boyce's 19 Months As a Fugitive from Prison Were a Strange Interlude by David Jackson.

Pg… 106 Nature under Siege: Glacier and Other National Parks Are among Our Endangered Species.

Pg… 114 LIFE Visits Eddie Murphy: The Cool, Cocky Comedian Says He's Not Angry––but He Sure Is Rich.

Pg… 121 Every Kid a Winner: Eunice Shriver Gets the Retarded on the Right Track in the Special Olympics.

Pg… 128 LIFE around the World: Etna's Tell–Bent River of Fire… Goose–Stepping on Old Glory… A Shiite Sheik's Hawkish Entourage.

Pg… 134 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by David Muench

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