LIFE Magazine July 1993

LIFE Magazine July 1993 Babies are Smarter than you Think


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Pg… 10 THE BIG PICTURE In America natural fireworks herald summer, while in a Sarajevo hospital bed a young boy plays with a chilling toy.

Pg… 21 THE LITTLE PICTURE Queen Elizabeth goes on the blink, and a surfer turns into a sky diver.

Pg… 24 ALMANAC Heroes are born. Nations are liberated. But platform shoes are always in fashion.

Pg… 36 FACE TO FACE THE DEMOBILIZATION OF COLIN POWELL Does this military hero want to be like Ike? The controversial Chairman's brilliant career may be only a prelude to the nation's top civilian job.

Pg… 46 DISCOVERY THE AMAZING MINDS OF INFANTS There's a lot going on behind that adorable smile. New research methods are just beginning to reveal it.

Pg… 62 JOURNEY IN THE AFRICAN NIGHT hen darkness falls, the scent of danger is in the air. Haunting photographs of a world where no living thing is safe for long.

Pg… 74 THE WAY WE LIVE A WORKING TEENAGER Now 16 year–old Veronica Vega can have a car and her own phone. But can she (and millions like her) afford to pay the price?

Pg… 84 LIFE SPECIAL THE PEOPLE IN THE PICTURES Norman Rockwell's models were just plain folks until his enormous talent turned them into American icons.

Pg… 92 HOW THINGS WORK What's the best way to show 100 people who's boss? Hum softly and carry a small stick.

Pg… 94 MY OTHER LIFE When genius of soul Ray Charles sits down to play, he shows no mercy.

Pg… 96 AN AMERICAN PLACE The Hollywood image of the Wild West is hewn from the red rock and towering buttes of Monument Valley.

Pg… 101 ON THE JOB Sure, some people want to change their appearance, but why would a beautiful woman want to grow a tail?

Pg… 102 SIGHTS UNSEEN Fifty years after the first mushroom cloud, new experiments by visionary scientists have explosive results.


Pg… 106 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Joe McNally

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