LIFE Magazine July 1994

LIFE Magazine July 1994 Brain Calisthenics / Defend against Alzheimer’s


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Pg… 8 The Big Picture: Generations travel back in time on the wings of an eagle; Wyatt Earp, MVP. Life unfolds: As World Cup soccer comes to the US, a guide to heading, chest trapping and the bicycle kick.

Pg… 21 Almanac: A new era of freedom is born; three men out of their way to immortality; and an American fantasy comes to life

Pg… 26 Journey: Two climbers cut about a legend on the rocks of North America's toughest mountain face.

Pg… 36 The way we live: The Vietnam war separated a mother from her six–year–old daughter, it would be almost 20 years till they saw each other again.

Pg… 48 LIFE Remembers: Despite her extraordinary life in the public eye, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis always remained her own woman

Pg… 54 LIFE. Special: Living in a material world: Households from around the globe compare their stuff.

Pg… 62 Discovery: Exercising your brain will make you smarter, and scientists think it could help fend off Alzheimer's too.

Pg… 72 An American Place: After a lifetime of distinguished service, US military planes rest in peace at the boneyard.

Pg… 78 My Other Life: The civilized man has learned to love the bomb.

Pg… 80 How things were: Canada's Bay of Fundy floods with 25 trillion gallons of water every day–thanks to the moon

Pg… 82 Sites unseen: Every night in Washington, DC, a revolutionary movement takes place.

Pg… 87 Pitchers to the Editor.

Pg… 88 Just One More. : Cover computer imagery by Alexander Tsiaras

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