LIFE Magazine July 21, 1972

LIFE Magazine July 21, 1972 George McGovern and Grandson Matthew


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Pg… 6 A Special Section: The McGovern Victory: Happy Days in Miami: Inside the McGovern Suite During the Five Crucial Days it Took to Win. Photographed by Stanley Tretick

Pg… 30 A Special Section: The McGovern Victory: The Infighting Was 'Ferocious': How McGovern Beat the Old Order. An Article by Richard Meryman

Pg… 34 A Special Section: The McGovern Victory: George Wallace's Poignant Appearance

Pg… 36 A Special Section: The McGovern Victory: Hubert Humphrey and Ted Kennedy

Pg… 38 A Special Section: The McGovern Victory: Editorials: The Wave on Miami Beach. The Formidable Incumbent. The McGovern Mix

Pg… 43 Jim Ryun Races Back: The Troubled Miler Earns a Third Shot at an Olympic Gold Medal. By Bill Bruns

Pg… 46 Rebirth of Ragtime: A Gay Nineties Rhythm Sets Toes to Tapping

Pg… 52 Bobby and The Black Bishop's Last Raid: The Fischer–Spassky Match Starts at Last

Pg… 55 The Man in the Middle: Caught Between Blacks and Whites, Between Students and Teachers, Paul Cabell Chose to End His Life. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 68 Wily Vagabond Who Defies the Odds: Hounded and Hated by Man, the Coyote Prospers Anyway. By Donald Jackson. Photographed by Stan Wayman

Pg… 77 Parting Shots: The Naked Ape is All Wet, Says a Liberated Lady. By Jordan Bonfante. The Salad Oil King Thinks Prison Saved His Life. By Bonnie Johnson. The Steele Women: Six Generations Without a Gap

Pg… 18–22 Departments: Reviews: Walter McQuade Discusses Two Exhibits on Italy and Industrialism Now on Display in New York

Pg… 18–22 Departments: Reviews: The Implications of Public Funding of TV are Discussed by Cyclops

Pg… 24 Departments: 25 Years Ago In 'Life': An Incident that Launched a Movie and a Mystique

Pg… 29 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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