LIFE Magazine June 11, 1971

LIFE Magazine June 11, 1971 Ted and Joan Kennedy at Washington Super Ball


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Pg… 26 Fireworks and Champagne: The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has a Gala Debut in Washington with 3,700 Guests Pg… 34 Two Cribs for Baby Lenore: New York State Adoption Laws Feed an Anguished Legal Fight Between an Infant Girl’s Real and Adoptive Mothers Pg… 38 Grisly Harvest of the Orchard: A California Farm Labor Contractor is Charged in the Country’s Worst Mass Murder of the Century Pg… 42 Editorials: The President’s War Powers Pg… 42 Editorials: Scandal in Prague Pg… 44 Guardian of a Great Legacy: The Principles of Life and Architecture Set Forth by the Late Frank Lloyd Wright are Zealously Kept Alive by His Proud and Commanding Widow. Photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Text by Loudon Wainwright Pg… 57 The ‘Greetings’ Man: As Congress Debates Extending the Draft, Selective Service Director Curtis Tarr Keeps on Filling Quotas Pg… 61 The Outrageous Lyle: Publisher Lyle Stuart is Responsible for the Worst Best Sellers. By Brad Darrach Pg… 70 A Golf Cart to Cruise on the Moon Pg… 77 Parting Shots: A Buddy’s Tribute to Audie Murphy, by Bill Mauldin Pg… 77 Parting Shots: The Wedding that Plunged Into Tragedy, by Rudolph Chelminski Pg… 77 Parting Shots: In Vietnam, a Well–Decorated War Chest Pg… 4 Departments: The Presidency: The Old Warriors Rally Round. By Hugh Sidey Pg… 8 Departments: Gallery: Tropical Moths: Live, Close–Up and in Color, by Kjell Sandved Pg… 13 Departments: Comment: Letter from the Golf Committee. By William Zinsser Pg… 16–20 Departments: Reviews: Marshall Frady on Larry L. King’s Personal Account, “Confessions of a White Racist” Pg… 16–20 Departments: Reviews: CBS’s Forthcoming Documentary on Archaeologist Iris Love, Reviewed by Cyclops Pg… 16–20 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel Reviews “Fool’s Parade,” a Suspense Film Pg… 23 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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