LIFE Magazine June 14, 1963

LIFE Magazine June 14, 1963 Cardinals Choose Next Pope at St. Peter’s


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Pope John: Let the Good not be Interred

Pg… 4 Editorials: Civil Rights: More Law?Plus Leadership

Pg… 16 LIFE Guide: Wonderful Uncrowded Beaches on the U.S. Shores; Fiddlers, Hog Callers and Hot–Rodders

Pg… 20 Tasty Future: Next: an Edible Spaceship. What's for Launch, Astronaut? The Whole Tasty Capsule. Special Report by Paul Mandel

Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 26 Death of John XXIII: The World Mourns a Great Pope and Ponders a Successor. A Color Portfolio of the "Papabili," the Great Princes of the Church from Whom the Next Pope May be Chosen

Pg… 36 Items in the News: Duvalier Clings to Power in Haiti; Cassius Clay Goes to England; First Two Negroes Graduate from University of Georgia

Pg… 38 Brutality to Babies: Upsurge of Infant Beatings by Parents

Pg… 40 Dock–Bound Atomic Ship: Anchored Fast by Mismanagement, the Savannah is a National Disgrace. By Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 40B TV Scraps Its Drama Showcase: The Lunts Come Out of Retirement for the Final Offering of the U.S. Steel Hour

Pg… 45 Ah, Vienna! Ah, Romy!: Romy Schneider, Who Left Her Glamorous Home Town as a Little Girl, Goes Back Now as a Glamorous Star

Pg… 54 Traveler's Guide to Greece: In Part VII of LIFE'S Series on Greece, Dmitri Kessel's Color Photographs Display the Beauty of the Serene Isles. A Map and Catalogue Tell what a Lot There is to See and Do There

Pg… 77 Alabama's Staunch Prexy: Frank Rose Made Alabamans Proud of Their University and Counts on Them to Save the Institution in Its Present Crisis

Pg… 84 Churchill's Secret Weapon: Part II of the Biography of Clementine Churchill Reveals the Loyalty and Shrewdness that Helped Winston Through 55 Turbulent Years

Pg… 99 Tarzan: A Changed Ape Man: Jane is Gone, Cheetah is Gone and the Grunts are Gone Too

Pg… 104 Miscellany: Hee Haw, What He Saw

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