LIFE Magazine June 15, 1942

LIFE Magazine June 15, 1942 General Stilwell


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Pg… 25 The Week's Events: R. A. F. Blasts at Germany's War Industry

Pg… 30 The Week's Events: LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 31 The Week's Events: Australian Soldiers Are Blown into Air by Accidental Explosion

Pg… 32 The Week's Events: 1,000 Men of Houston Enlist to Replace Crew of Lost Cruiser

Pg… 34 The Week's Events: West Point Graduates 374 New Second Lieutenants

Pg… 36 The Week's Events: Memorial Day Brings Hopes of a Better Post–War World

Pg… 38 The Week's Events: California Crops Rot in Field for Want of Farm Labor

Pg… 94 Article: Burna Mission, by Clare Boothe

Pg… 83 Photographic Essay: Negroes at War

Pg… 46 Religion: Mass Baby Blessing

Pg… 52 Industry: Oxyacetylene Flame at Work

Pg… 58 Art: Paintings at Andover

Pg… 64 Movies: "Yankee Doodle Dandy"

Pg… 73 Modern Living: Sub–debs Do Useful War Work as Juniors in AWVS

Pg… 112 Army: Recreation Officers at Fort Meade Learn "Dirty Fighting" Technique

Pg… 2 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 12 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Frenchmen Foresaw Mechanized War in 1883

Pg… 16 Other Departments: LIFE's Reports: Nurses on Bataan, by Annalee Jacoby

Pg… 41 Other Departments: People

Pg… 108 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to an Aviator's Farewell Party

Pg… 118 Other Departments: Pictures to the Editors

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