LIFE Magazine June 1988

LIFE Magazine June 1988 Robert F. Kennedy Tribute


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Pg… 5 Editor’s Note. Pg… 9 Snapshots Pg… 16 Letters Pg… 21 Interview: the Dalai Lama, provocative pronouncements from a holy man. Pg… 29 The View from Here: Father’s Day, by Loudon Wainwright. Pg… 32 Cover: Robert Kennedy, a remembrance by Senator Edward M. Kennedy, and he does it with RFK’s impressive offspring. Pg… 54 Movies: The Boss’s Wife, two big films for Julianne Phillips. Pg… 56 Book Excerpt: Portrait of Power, a revealing novel about Stalin. Pg… 68 Food: Spa Du Jour, delicious dishes can be slimming. Pg… 72 Picture Essay: City of Lost Boys, Ten thousand children without hope Pg… 80 Profile: The Spartan, Michael Dukakis has conquered the field with cool efficiency. Pg… 88 Flashback: Son of Darth, the movie Willow recycles old images. Pg… 91 Bravo: Extra Credit, honors in humanity for nine seniors. Pg… 99 Music: Ain’t It Grand, making a masterpiece: Steinways celebrates its 500,000th piano. Pg… 104 Style: Black and White All Over, nature provides inspiration for a splashy summer combination Pg… 106 Trend: L. A. Heat, out west, Latin dance floors sizzle and films will follow suit. Pg… 111 Close–Up: Dudley Moore, with an Arthur sequel coming up, the acting imp introduces his towering bride. Pg… 114 News Real: Eyewitness in Gaza, a doctors Hospital diary of Palestinian casualties. : Cover: photographs by Bill Eppriege

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