LIFE Magazine June 1995

LIFE Magazine June 1995 The Simpson Children. One Year Later / LIFE Exclusive


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Pg… 8 The Big Picture: In Oklahoma City, innocents comes to a violent end; Katie gets a helping hand; the nation's first students learn if you lessons on spring break.

Pg… 20 Portrait: What's in a name? Just ask Brett Butler, whose done wonders for Grace Kelly's.

Pg… 24 LIFE GOES TO… It was 1936 when we launched the now classic LIFE goes to a party. Soon we were cutting a rug at Harlem's savory ballroom and mingling with Caf? Society at Elsa Maxwell's fancy dress ball. Now we reinvent ourselves, starting with a visit to a remarkable school on a very special graduation day.

Pg… 28 Almanac: Americans go into orbit over the plight of their far–off heroes; the world's second oldest profession gets a new image; a young fighter triumphs over a powerful flow.

Pg… 36 The Way We Live: One year after their mother's murder. The children of Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson have found a place to heal, protected from the frenzy surrounding their father's trial by the nurturing love of their extended family.

Pg… 46 Face–To–Face: He's known for talking tough. She's famous for her accent. Now Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep speak each other's language in Hollywood version of the hot best–seller. The Bridges of Madison County

Pg… 59 LIFE Remembers: 20 years after the end of a war that tore apart two nations, we are finally facing Vietnam. A portfolio of players from both sides.

Pg… 70 LIFE Special: LIFE'S 1995 dream house is scary, flooded with life–and adorable, even with elegant touches like French doors, a library window seat and a fireplace in the master bedroom. Plus: for a Minnesota family, the 1994 model is a perfect fit.

Pg… 102 Camera at Work: For a photographer who specializes in unusual sulfites and portraits, for some of his work is more than his parts.

Pg… 108 An American Place: A tree–shaded leaned in Louisiana once made a memorable wedding aisle for the daughters of a Cajun sugar baron


Pg… 112 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Roger E. Sandler

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