LIFE Magazine June 1996

LIFE Magazine June 1996 Volcano – It Could Happen Sooner than You Think


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Pg… 10 The Big Picture: Horsing around Can Be Dangerous; Rare Visitor from Outer Space; Tragedy for British Wildlife.

Pg… 30 Almanac: Our Favorite Detective Retries; Picking out at an Iowa Expo; a Best–Seller with a Controversial Complexion.

Pg… 24 Life Goes to…: the Perfect Place to Get Clipped, Hot–Waxed in aerobicized

Pg… 98 Just One More.

Pg… 94 Camera at Work: Twins David and Peter Turnley Share a Passion for Photographing the Human Drama : Cover: Hawaii's Mount Kilauea Has Been Spewing Lava for 13 Years. Photograph by G. Brad Lewis

Pg… 38 Journey: Pakistani Kids Are Earning Six Cents an Hour Making Soccer Balls for American Children.

Pg… 52 Discovery: Somewhere a Volcano Is about to Erupt. When Will the Big One Hit? And What Havoc Will It Wreak?

Pg… 64 LIFE Special: We Give Our Regards to Broadway – and Its Glittering Stars – on the 50th Anniversary of the Tony Awards.

Pg… 76 Face to Face: Four Guys from Vermont Who Call Themselves Phish Have Created a Sea Change in Pop Music.

Pg… 66 The Way We Live: Once These Benedictine Monks Were Bankers and Engineers. Then a Light in the Desert Led Them to a Life of Prayer.

Pg… 88 LIFE 60 Years: Hoisted atop a Mast or (Literally) Taking the Plunge, June Brings the Inevitable: Here Come the Brides

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