LIFE Magazine June 2, 1972

LIFE Magazine June 2, 1972 Raquel Welch


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Pg… 4 The Beat of Life: Nixon in Moscow. Attack on the “Piet?.” Children and Soldiers in Belfast Pg… 38 Inside the Winning Team: George McGovern’s Organization is Loose, Effective and Rolling Toward California. By William A. McWhirter. Photographed by Bill Eppridge Pg… 48 Hottest Thing on Wheels: Raquel Welch has a Rough Time Playing a Roller Derby Demon Pg… 55 ‘Conrack, You’re Crazy’: A Spirited Teacher Finds Himself in a U.S. School Where Even His Eighth–Graders had Never Learned the Name of Their Country, Never Been to a Movie, Never Heard of George Washington. By Pat Conroy Pg… 74 Death–Flow from a Pipe: Mercury Pollution Ravages a Japanese Village. Text and Pictures by W. Eugene and Aileen Smith Pg… 85 Parting Shots: Amazing Wilhelm, 20 Years of Nothing But Knuckleballs. Pg… 85 Parting Shots: Eartha Kitt as an ‘Honorary White.’ Muggers Beware: this Baby Bites Pg… 12 Departments: The Presidency: Seizing the Hour in Moscow. By Hugh Sidey Pg… 24–28 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Eyes the Justice Department’s Antitrust Suit Against the Networks Pg… 24–28 Departments: Reviews: “Frenzy,” Alfred Hitchcock’s New Chiller, is Warmly Applauded by Film Critic Richard Schickel Pg… 24–28 Departments: Reviews: Donald Jackson Writes About Wimbledon Pg… 32 Departments: 31 Years Ago In ‘Life’: Nelson Rockefeller Fights Nazi Influence in South America Pg… 37 Departments: Letters to the Editors Pg… 83 Departments: Consumer Watch: Help–Yourself Gas Stations and Garages

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