LIFE Magazine June 21, 1963

LIFE Magazine June 21, 1963 Shirley MacLaine as Irma La Douce


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Pg… 4 Editorial: '63?Best College Class in History

Pg… 7 LIFE Guide: Worthwhile Souvenirs for U.S. Tourists. Books, Puppets and Pianists

Pg… 12 Everyone's Kin to Kennedy: Ireland is Set to Welcome a Son Back Home. Special Report by Dominic Behan

Pg… 17 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18 The Empire–Shaking Scandal: The Tory Government Faces Its Gravest Crisis as War Minister Profumo Quits in Disgrace Because of His Affair with a Call Girl. And the Ruling Class is Smeared. By Peregrine Worsthorne

Pg… 24 A Buddhist Cremates Himself

Pg… 26 Strange Sights All Over: Big Balloon's Little Pal; Transatlantic Serpent; Truman Up in the Air

Pg… 28 Assassin Kills a Negro Leader

Pg… 30 'Cleo' Finally Opens?So?

Pg… 35 Great Golfer's Great Day: The Open Recalls Ouimet's 1913 Victory that Revolutionized the Sport. By Marshall Smith

Pg… 41 Wild Young Summer Styles: Kids Can be Lawrence, Tarzan, Humpty Dumpty

Pg… 47 Colossal H–Bomb Hole: AEC has 12–Million–Ton–Deep Lab

Pg… 52 Vatican's Pageant of Sorrow: The Princes of the Church Give Pope John XXIII to the Ages. And the Search for a New Pope Begins. By Robert B. Kaiser

Pg… 62A Shirley Plays Irma: MacLaine is Great as the Goodhearted "Poule" of Paris

Pg… 64 He–Man Ballet Dancer: Jacques d'Amboise, America's First Great Male Ballet Star, is a Rugged Family Man. Photographed for LIFE by John Dominis

Pg… 70 The College Quitter?Why?: Six Out of 10 Who Enter College Leaver Before They Graduate?a Situation that Parents and Society Deplore but Don't Understand. By John Keats

Pg… 81 Happy Family, All at Sea: A Sailboat in Antigua Provides a Great Way to Live?and a Good Way to Make a Living

Pg… 87 Teen–Ager in Bigtime Tennis: California's Janie Albert Enters at Wimbledon?and She's a Smasher

Pg… 90 Miscellany: Pied Piper in the Pasture

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