LIFE Magazine June 23, 1961

LIFE Magazine June 23, 1961 Princess Grace Kelly


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Pg… 30 STORY OF THE WEEK: SAC Alert: in a Touchy International Situation a Catch–Them–By–Surprise Visit tests the Nation's Hair–Trigger Air Defense. Photographed for LIFE by Leonard McCombe and Michael Rougier

Pg… 36 NEWSFRONTS: Grace Kelly, Beguiling Erin (See Cover) as She Greets Its First Lady, is Mobbed, Cheered and Moved to Tears.

Pg… 36 NEWSFRONTS: People, From "Mme. Sputnik" to Castro to Some Growing Nixons.

Pg… 36 NEWSFRONTS: Kid Big–Leaguer Shows How Every Boy's Dream Can Come True

Pg… 46 EDITORIAL: Check List on Kennedy's World Performance

Pg… 51 MEDICINE: BACKACHE: 20 Million Americans Suffer the President's Ailment?and Diagrams Explain Its Cause

Pg… 54 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: The "Happy Observance of Commencement." On Its 325th Anniversary Professor Howard Munford Jones Explains Why Harvard Can Produce so Many New Frontiersmen and Other Individualists

Pg… 64 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Sherman Adams Speaks Out about Goldfine: He Gives His Full Version of the Controversial Goldfine Affair

Pg… 74 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: Paradise in Tivoli that Glitters but is Not Gaudy. Danish Pleasure Park is Full of Fun, Elegance, Beauty. Photographed for LIFE by Mark Kauffman. Plus a Love Letter to the Gardens by Victor Borge

Pg… 91 ART: The Great "O.K." of Art and Teaching: Oskar Kokoschka, the Grand Old Man of Expressionism, Inspires Young Painters at His Famous Summer Art School in Austria. Photographed for LIFE by Erich Lessing

Pg… 13 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: B.A. in Cheating: College Teacher Tells of Ingenious, Illegal and Widespread Ways Students Pass Exams. By August F. Coppola

Pg… 25 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Art, Books, Festivals, Movies, Music

Pg… 26 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 98 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: a Snootful of Affection

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