LIFE Magazine June 28, 1963

LIFE Magazine June 28, 1963 Medgar Evers Widow and Son at Funeral


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Martyr to an Immoral System Pg… 4 Editorials: Moral Heritage and the Law Pg… 14 So He Took the Bank’s $43,000: For Once, a Depositor Gets Something Out of a Banking Error. Special Report by David Nevin Pg… 19 LIFE Guide: A Loud, Lovely Burst of Summer Music?and a Big Patriotic Burst for the Fourth Pg… 27 Letters to the Editors Pg… 28 A Blue–Eyed Blonde in Orbit: Russia Sends Up a Woman Cosmonaut While a Qualified U.S. Woman–in–Space Team Waits and Hopes. Once Again America is Caught Napping. By Clare Boothe Luce Pg… 34 Arlington Receives a Murdered Hero: The N.A.A.C.P’s Medgar Evers is Buried with Military Honors as Negroes’ Anger Rises Across the U.S. Pg… 38 Happy, Flappy Flying Hobby: Outlandish Contraptions Take to the Air and Become a Fad Pg… 41 Denver’s Blizzard of Hail: An Icy Cloudburst Inundates a Neighborhood on a Balmy Day Pg… 42 Politicians in the News: A Busy and Sometimes Hectic Week All Over Pg… 44 Sunny Jim Bows Out: Horse–Trainer Fitzsimmons Puts Himself Out to Pasture Pg… 47 What’s New for the Beach: The Ladies Take on a Grey–Flannel, Boldly Striped Look Pg… 51 Wild Boars Aloft: Florida Pigs Get a Wild Helicopter Ride to New Homes Pg… 57 Lusty Literary Lion: At 67, Robert Graves Goes His Prodigious Way with Four New Books Out at Once?and a Lot of Trenchant Vies on Poetry, Women and Love Pg… 64 The Nervous System: Part IV of LIFE’S Series on the Human Body Describes the Fascinating, Finely Tuned Circuits that Give Us Our Gateway to World?and Explains What Can Go Wrong with the Circuits. Paintings by Arthur Lidov Pg… 85 First Lady of Photography: Margaret Bourke–White Writes an Autobiography and Tells How Her Fabulous Career Began?with Imaginations, Determination and Help from a Kindly Expert, a Steel President and a Bull in a Bank Pg… 101 Vivien’s Charleston: Playing a Russian Duchess in a Broadway Musical, Vivien Leigh Rips Into a Lively American Dance Pg… 105 The Bible in Bronzes: Stanley Bleifeld, a Young Sculptor, Supplies Some Refreshing Surprises Pg… 108 Miscellany: A Mast Really Stacked

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