LIFE Magazine June 4, 1956

LIFE Magazine June 4, 1956 First Great Civilization – Primping in Ancient Sumer


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Pg… 36 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: The Services Fire Words in Anger at Each Other as a Great Military Row Breaks Out

Pg… 44 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 53 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: End of a Winged Man: a French Stuntman Splinters His Wooden Wings and Falls to His Death at a British Air Show

Pg… 54 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: The Communists Loosen Up and Czech Students Let Off Steam

Pg… 56 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: At the End of a Long Trail, Stevenson and Kefauver Make Their Final Primary Pitch

Pg… 61 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Good Young King in Nepal: the Outside World, Bearing Gifts, Attends the Faraway Coronation of King Mahendra

Pg… 48 EDITORIALS: Let's Get Action on Atomic Power

Pg… 48 EDITORIALS: The Noodless Tragedy of Cyprus

Pg… 80 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: The Coming of Civilization: in the Mesopotamian Cities of Sumer Man Learned to Write and Use metals and Thus Emerged from the Stone Age. Part V of "The Epic of Man." Text by Lincoln Barnett. Photographs by Frank Scherschel and Andreas Feininger. Paintings by Federico Castelion

Pg… 132 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: A Great Past is Recalled in Russia: the Moscow Art Theater Presents Old Masterpieces and trains Young Actors to Interpret Them. The Second in a Series on Russian's Popular Arts Photographed by Edward Clark

Pg… 146 ARTICLES: The Leaders of Algeria's Rebellion Direct Operations from Cairo and Threaten France with Disaster Worse than Indochina. By LIFE Foreign News Editor Gene Farmer

Pg… 65 MODERN LIVING: Angry Housewives Say What's Wrong with Modern Housing

Pg… 75 MOVIES: A Netful in the Circus: It's Gina for the Boys and Burt for the Girls in New Film "Trapeze"

Pg… 105 NATURE: Small Zoo for Small Fry: Boys Show How to Trap a Home Menagerie

Pg… 113 SPORTS: The Cincinnati Redlegs Flex Their Big Batting Muscles: a Record Outburst of Home Runs Makes the Team a Contender

Pg… 121 FASHION: A New Fabric Gives a Rich Look to Home–Sewn Dresses

Pg… 125 ART: Museum Director's Choice: Pittsburgh's Gordon Balley Washburn Picks Painter David Blyth's Jocose "Post Office"

Pg… 127 ART: Pinocchio in Bronze: an Italian Town Unveils a Monument to Its Storybook Son

Pg… 141 SCIENCE: Shotgun Pollinization: Washington Apple Growers Blast Pollen at Apple Blossoms with Guns

Pg… 163 PARTY: Nassau's Reunion in Nippon: Princeton Grads of '25 Take a Long Trip to See Their Old Classmate "Seaweed"

Pg… 19 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 24 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: Driving Ape Makes Pedestrians Gape

Pg… 166 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Sudden Stop for a Highway

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