LIFE Magazine June 9, 1961

LIFE Magazine June 9, 1961 President Kennedy in Paris with De Gaulle


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Pg… 42 STORY OF THE WEEK: America's New President Deals with the Tough Guys of Europe, De Gaulle and Khrushchev

Pg… 50 NEWSFRONTS: In Words and Pictures: the Republicans Get Sassy, Foreigners Get Benefits in Booming Germany, Trujillo Era Ends in Violence, June Busts Out with Brides

Pg… 60 EDITORIAL: The Railroads Need New Laws and New Life

Pg… 65 SCIENCE: Rx for Stutterers?Get Mad: a Successful Speech Center Gives Advice for Children and Parents

Pg… 70 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Fore!! Here Comes the Loony, Muni Golfer: an Indomitable Army of Sportsmen on the Public Links. Photographs by John Loengard. Text by John McDermott

Pg… 88 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: Shellfish from Many U.S. Regions, with Gourmet Recipes for Them

Pg… 106 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: A Liberal Meets Mr. Conservative: Playwright–Novelist Gore Vidal Writes About Barry Goldwater

Pg… 120 SPOTLIGHT: Seven Pages on Entertainment High Points: Guerrilla War in a Film Thriller, Guns of Navaron;: the MacRaes in a Family Nightclub Act; Offbeat Stage Hit by the Great Hindu Poet, Targore; the Breakup of the Kingston Trio. And Moss Hart Writes an Eloquent Eulogy to the Modern Theater Master, George S. Kaufman

Pg… 7 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: the Instant Tourist on a Package Tour by Alec Waugh

Pg… 17 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Books, Movies, Art, Records, TV

Pg… 23 DEPARTMETNS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 128 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: A Leap for Laps

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