LIFE Magazine June 9, 1972

LIFE Magazine June 9, 1972 Bella Abzug Women in Politics


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Pg… 6 A Week of New History: Success at the Moscow Summit. Photographed by Harry Benson and Steve Northup

Pg… 46 Women Talk Back: The Women's Movement has Organization, Issues and Candidates, but Bella Abzug is in Trouble. Photographed by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 55 Face to Face on the Issues: With Richard Kleindienst Speaking for the Republicans and Presidential Candidate George McGovern for the Democrats, LIFE Begins a Series of Confrontations for 1972 with a Debate on Law and Justice

Pg… 61 A Cop Cools a Troubled School: In Coral Gables, Fla., Glenn Falk has Cut Crime and Violence by being a Confidant and Counselor to Students

Pg… 69 The Czar's Shutterbug: An Old Scrapbook Yields Some Fascinating Pictures of Czar Nicholas, Anastasia and the Rest of the Family

Pg… 74 A Season in Hell: A Personal Account of a 12–Month Bout with Severe Mental Depression, an Insidious, Increasingly Common Illness. By Percy Knauth. Illustrations by Fred Otnes

Pg… 86 Giant Ship for a Lone Sailor: Built for a Transatlantic Race, the World's Biggest One–Man Vessel is 128 Feet Long. Photographed by George Silk

Pg… 95 New Style Graduation: Kirkland College Graduates Its First Class with a Wildly Innovative Commencement 'Ceremony'

Pg… 101 End of a Love Story: End of a Love Story: The Duke of Windsor, Who Gave Up His Throne for Wallis Simpson, Dies at 77

Pg… 12 Departments: The Presidency: Peaceful Victory in the Kremlin. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 20–24 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel on Films Aimed at a Black Audience

Pg… 20–24 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops on Crusading TV Reporter Geraldo Rivera

Pg… 20–24 Departments: Reviews: Hugh Trevor–Roper Reviews "The Service," the Memoirs of Two–Generation Spymaster Reinhard Gehlen

Pg… 36 Departments: 25 Years Ago In 'Life': A Starling at the Indy

Pg… 41 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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