LIFE Magazine March 24, 1947

LIFE Magazine March 24, 1947 Beyond the Arctic Circle in Color


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Pg… 31 The Week's Events: Labor's Communists Come Under Fire

Pg… 36 The Week's Events: Editorial: The Family

Pg… 37 The Week's Events: Firemen Ascend into Smoke Cloud

Pg… 38 The Week's Events: Italians Move Out of Pola

Pg… 40 The Week's Events: Congress Listens Gravely to the President

Pg… 42 The Week's Events: Impatient Deer Crashes Through a Window

Pg… 43 The Week's Events: Stubborn Moose Takes a Rest on Railroad Tracks

Pg… 44 The Week's Events: Jap Criminal Hides His Face to Save It

Pg… 47 The Week's Events: Railroad President is Murdered

Pg… 118 Close–Up: Ingrid of Lorraine by Lincoln Barnett

Pg… 72 Pictorial Essays: Beyond the Arctic Circle

Pg… 97 Pictorial Essays: Taxes

Pg… 53 People: The Huxley Brothers

Pg… 65 Fashions: The House of Dior

Pg… 87 Movies: "Boomerang!"

Pg… 107 Sports: The Ace of Clubs

Pg… 113 Modern Living: A House to Swim In

Pg… 137 Art: Modern Classicist

Pg… 142 Radio: New Radio Station

Pg… 7 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 14 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Dog Balances Master's Budget

Pg… 18 Other Departments: LIFE's Reports: "I Killed Her," by Louis Banks

Pg… 148 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to a Roman Banquet

Pg… 154 Other Departments: LIFE's Miscellany: Model Flying Wing

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