LIFE Magazine March 3, 1972

LIFE Magazine March 3, 1972 Nixon in the Land of Mao


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Pg… 4 The China Trip: President Nixon Visits the Land of Mao. Pictures and a Special Report from LIFE Correspondent Hugh Sidey in Peking

Pg… 26 Angry Focus on Busing: A Richmond Judge's Ruling Provokes the Suburbs and Stirs a National Debate. Where the Candidates Stand

Pg… 32 Editorials: The Peking Feast

Pg… 32 Editorials: The People Speak

Pg… 32 Editorials: The Busing Furor

Pg… 34 A Kennedy Trip with a Surprise Ending: The Senator Tours War–Torn Bangladesh, and Nephew Joe's Return Journey is Delayed by a Hijacking

Pg… 36 Make Way for the Clean Machines: Auto Makers Drive for New Engines that Won't Pollute the Air. Illustrations by Barron Storey. Bill Lear and His Steam Cars, by John Frook

Pg… 42 Decline and Fall of the Mafia: As the Big Men Grow Older, the Old–Style Mob World Fades and Dies. By Nicholas Pileggi

Pg… 47 Barnstorming Bard: Writer–Aviator Richard Bach Takes Off with a Book Called "Jonathan Seagull," the Story of a Talking Gull Obsessed with Perfect Flight

Pg… 50 What's New? 10–Year–Old Fashions: A Very Young Designer Makes It in the Fashion World

Pg… 52 Tampa Turns in Its Pushers: Anonymous Informers Use a New Hot Line to Put Heat on Drug Traffickers

Pg… 56 100 Years of Yellowstone: Our First National Park Celebrates Its Centennial. Exploring a Country of Tall Tales, by Don Moser

Pg… 65 Parting Shots: At 91, Jeannette Rankin is the Feminists' New Heroine.

Pg… 65 Parting Shots: The Olympic Hopeful from Prison Ward 6.

Pg… 14–16 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Reviews Daytime Television

Pg… 14–16 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel Reviews "The Hot Rock"

Pg… 14–16 Departments: Reviews: "The Home," a Novel by Penelope Mortimer, is Reviewed by Alison Lurie

Pg… 14–16 Departments: Reviews: Wilfrid Sheed Reviews "The Boys of Summer," a Study of Baseball Players by Roger Kahn

Pg… 20 Departments: 16 Years Ago In 'Life': The Strike that Launched Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Pg… 25 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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