LIFE Magazine March 5, 1965

LIFE Magazine March 5, 1965 Death of Malcolm X


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Matching Growth with Beauty

Pg… 4 Editorials: A Judge but Not a Lawmaker

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews

Pg… 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 25 The View from Here: The Instant Ambassador. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 26 The Violent End of Malcolm X: Gunmen Execute the Negro Extremist as He Prepares to Address a New York Rally. His Followers Hold the Black Muslims to Blame?and Launch a Campaign of Retaliation

Pg… 32 Pacem in Terris: Statesmen, Theologians, Scholars from All Over the World Gather to Act on Pope John's Encyclical on Peace on Earth. By John K. Jessup

Pg… 36B Washington Report

Pg… 41 Strange Case of a Man with Two Wives: The "Dead" Larry Bader of Akron Turns Up Very Much Alive?in Another City and With Another Wife

Pg… 47 Calder the Mobile Maker: The Artist Delights Everybody

Pg… 54 Paris Fashion in Color: A Young Actress Tries Them All On and Molyneux Makes a Sentimental Comeback

Pg… 73 Otto Preminger's Navy: The Movie Director Constructs a Million Miniature Flotilla for a Lilliputian Reenactment of the Battle of Leyte Gulf

Pg… 77 She Puts Oomph in the Opera: Impresario Sarah Caldwell is Boston's Prima Dynamo. By Dora Jane Hamblin

Pg… 87 Cristina Becomes Mrs. Henry Ford

Pg… 92B Drug Addicts, Part 2: 'I Told Them Not to Go Home': Biggest and Best Addict Hospital Faces and Fights a Frustrating Battle. Realities We Must Face?But Won't. By James Mills. Photographed by Bill Eppridge

Pg… 120 Cozumel?Isle for the Idle: There are Pleasant Things to Do at This Mexican Resort But Nobody has to Do Them. A Scary Climb and a Shish Kebab from the Sea. By Mary Leatherbee

Pg… 128 Miscellany: Pussycat Pasta

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