LIFE Magazine March 8, 1963

LIFE Magazine March 8, 1963 Jean Seberg Paris Spring Fashion Favorites


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Pg… 4 Editorials: How to Deal with Soviet Cuba Short of War

Pg… 4 Editorials: Do We Need an Honors List?

Pg… 15 LIFE Guide: College Theaters Offer a Brilliant Variety. The New Hindemith, an Orange Fair

Pg… 19 Acoustical Fox Hunt: A Special Report by Elliott Chaze on the Houn'–Dawg Version

Pg… 24 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28 Voodoo–Land in Ferment: Time Runs Out for a Caribbean Dictator Who Rules by Bullets and Black Magic

Pg… 36 Earthquake in Libya: A Town Dies at Twilight

Pg… 43 Piano–Wrecking Fad: Caltech Students Pound the Keyboard with Sledge Hammers?to Pass the Instrument Through a Head–Sized Hole

Pg… 46 Oddity from Menotti: His Latest Opera Sets Music to TV's Electronic Tricks

Pg… 49 The Doomsday Lawsuit: Best–Selling Novel Fall–Sala and a Rival Tale of World War III Tangle in the Courts Over Who Thought of the Idea First. By David E. Scherman

Pg… 55 Mother Goose Ski Slope: Children Do Fairy Tale Slalom

Pg… 60 Greece: The Golden Age: Part IV of LIFE'S Series. Athenians Found Greatness and Joy in Serving Their Democracy. But the Sterner Spartans Grew Great Through Autocratic Austerity

Pg… 82A Stars' Fashion Favorites: Sophia, Romy, Danielle and Other Actresses Wear Their Pick of the Paris Spring Collections

Pg… 90 Control of the Brain: The First of a Two–Part Series Describes Revolutionary Electronic Devices Which Could Govern the Way You Feel, Think and Behave. By Robert Coughlan

Pg… 108 New Ways with Windows: Instead of Curtains Try Decorated Shades

Pg… 113 The Loyal Elephant: A Mother Lends a Helping Trunk

Pg… 116 Miscellany: So Long, Lisa

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