LIFE Magazine May 15, 1939

LIFE Magazine May 15, 1939 Anne M. Lindbergh

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Pg… 19 New York Opens the Gates to the World of Tomorrow

Pg… 24 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 25 Alfonso of Spain Dens the Robe of a Grand Master

Pg… 26 Lindbergh Dons Army Uniform; Harvard Boy Wins Wellesley Race

Pg… 27 Miami Klan Tries to Scare Negro Vote

Pg… 28 Five Thousand Cleveland Boys Do Mass Calisthenics

Pg… 29 Utah Girls Compete in Posture Parade

Pg… 30 A Great Lord of French Morocco Gives Wives to His Three Sons

Pg… 32 The Sergeant's Retreat: A Footnote to Albanian History

Pg… 57 Adopting Children: American Parents Find It Works

Pg… 70 Queen Mary

Pg… 64 Short–Wave Radio War Uses a New Kind of Geography

Pg… 44 "T.R." in Panama: A Scene from Modern American History Painted for LIFE

Pg… 68 Lou Nova Trains by Yoga to Beat Max Baer

Pg… 35 Men's Straw Hats Now Come in Fancy Styles

Pg… 40 New Cosmetic Act Cleans Up Cosmetic Claims

Pg… 50 Solomen's Temple, Shown in Miniature at Fair, Revives Jewry's Dream

Pg… 65 "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 10 Speaking of Pictures: The New "Old Bill"

Pg… 82 LIFE Goes to a Paper Festival

Pg… 86 Pictures to the Editors

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