LIFE Magazine May 17, 1963

LIFE Magazine May 17, 1963 Rockefeller Honeymoon


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Space is Far More than a “Race.” Its Exploration and Conquest Will Determine Who Rules Whom from the Skies Above Pg… 8 Boat Misery by the Yard: Pity the Poor Boatyard Operator Caught in a Backwash of Bad Yachting Manners. Special Report by William Jay Gold Pg… 19 LIFE Guide: Wonders and Waystops Along the Longest National Highway, the Trans–Canada Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors Pg… 26 Ominous Spectacle of Birmingham: Racial Hatreds Approach a Flashpoint as a City Counters Negroes’ Crusade with Fire Hoses and Fighting Dogs. Photographed for LIFE by Charles Moore Pg… 41 Happy’s Honeymoon with Rocky: New York’s Governor Rockefeller Shows His Bride Around His Venezuelan Ranch Pg… 53 Be Your Own Computer: Any Child Can Master Instant Mathematics Pg… 57 Phyllis Diller’s Dollars: A Rubber–Faced Housewife Hits the Big Time as a Comedienne Pg… 65 Unearthly Postage Stamps: Space Age Brings New Items for Collectors Pg… 71 Soviet Pianist Chooses Exile: Vladimir Ashkenazy, Whose Defection Stunned Russian Cultural Circles, Savors Life in London Pg… 77 LIFE Goes to a Super–Party: An Intimate Glimpse of the Famous People of a Fabulous Era, Gathered to Help Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of TIME Magazine, Whose Cover Many of Them have Graced Pg… 90 Countdown for U.S.’s 22–Orbit Flight: Gordon Cooper, Last of the Original Astronauts to Fly, Prepares for Launching Pg… 98 Manhunt for a Kennedy Impersonator: Hollywood and J.F.K. Seek and Select Actor to Play the President as Skipper of PT–109 Pg… 102 The Marital Fight Game: A Doctor Teaches the Science of Household Warfare, and Claims It’s Healthy. By Shana Alexander Pg… 111 Odd Sights at Heights: Haunting Photographs of a Moonbeam Rainbow and a Cloud Ring Too Big to Be True Pg… 114 Gainsborough’s Girls Are Back: Some Very Young–Maidenly Spring Fashions Step Right Out of the Frames of an 18th Century Master Pg… 119 Five Months in Solitary: Volunteer Describes Record–Breaking “Space Flight” in Sealed Cell Which Never Left the Ground Pg… 122 Miscellany: Blinkin’ Wink and Nod

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