LIFE Magazine May 1983

LIFE Magazine May 1983 Debra Winger / Officer and a Gentleman Movie


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Pg… 4 Editors Note: Dealing with Dioxin, Rabies and Neostylopyga Pg… 7 The View from Here: Way to Go, Old Pioneer! By Loudon Wainwright. Pg… 10 Camera at Work: Photographs Are Made to Look like Old Movie Stills and TV Soaps. Pg… 20 Letters. Pg… 25 Portrait: Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner, by Roy Blount Jr.. Pg… 32 Samoa: Paradise or Hell? A Brash Scientist Attacks Margaret Mead’s Classic Study of the Islands Pg… 44 Rabies in Three Areas of the U.S. Spreading Epidemics Threaten Unsuspecting Humans Pg… 52 She Stands Accused: A Sordid Past––and a Murder Charge––Catch up with California Feminist Genny Foat Pg… 58 The Ordeal of a Poisoned Town: Times Beach, Montana Has Become a Victim of Deadly Dioxin. Pg… 68 Fun in War Games in the Woods: Grown–Ups Play a New Version of Capture the Flag with Dye–Pellet Pistol’s Pg… 76 The Double Closet: How to Gay Fathers Deal with Their Children and Ex–Wives by Anne Fadiman. Pg… 104 Suspended in Time: Once Hailed As the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Brooklyn Bridge Turns 100 by Arthur Miller. Pg… 110 Deborah Wings It: The Young Star of an Officer and a Gentleman Rides Life like a Roller Coaster. Pg… 118 LIFE Visits Henry Moore: The World’s Grandest Old Man of Sculpture Works on at 84. Pg… 126 LIFE around the World: Comrades, Button up Your Overcoats… A Hot Time in the Motown Tonight… A Kiss for the Land of the Free. Pg… 132 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Theo Westenburger

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