LIFE Magazine May 1988

LIFE Magazine May 1988 Gone With the Wind Sequel / 2000th Issue Collectors Ed.


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Pg… 5 Publisher's Note.

Pg… 13 Snapshots

Pg… 18 The View from Here: Beastly Behavior by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 23 Interview: Jeffrey Beane, a caustic report on fashion.

Pg… 26 Cover: Scarlet and Rhett, finally, after a half–century, Gone with the Wind II

Pg… 36 Newsmaker: Israel's Ironman, despite worldwide criticism, Yitzshak Shamir remains implaceable

Pg… 42 The Big Picture.

Pg… 46 Movies: Strong Arm of the Law, Hollywood goes bang–bang.

Pg… 52 Nature: Into the Air, Little Baldy's! Endangered Eagles Get Human Help.

Pg… 58 Art: They Got a Visa, Hermitage Masterpieces Visit the U.S.

Pg… 62 Celebration: 2000 LIFE covers, Lest auld acquaintance be forgot

Pg… 119 Portfolio: A Tribute to Work, pictures of a vanishing way of life

Pg… 131 Music: Tiffany, that little girl on all the radios.

Pg… 136 Profile: Captain Enigma, Ten Things about Candidate George Bush that reveal the man

Pg… 144 Television: So You Want to Be an Angel, Nashville beauties auditioned to become a Farrah Fawcett.

Pg… 150 Crisis: Ulster's Pain, New violence, old skulduggery

Pg… 158 Money: The World's Greatest Gavel, Sotheby's sell off Warhol's collection

Pg… 164 Crime: In Search of Justice, a trial without end for Ray Bucky.

Pg… 168 Book Excerpt: In Praise of Fishing Holes, Jimmy Carter recalls his father and some boyhood pleasures.

Pg… 178 Style: Fleur Allure, everything is coming up roses, etc..

Pg… 180 Miscellany

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