LIFE Magazine May 1995

LIFE Magazine May 1995 Wild Animal Babies / How They Learn, How They Play, How They Survive


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Pg… 8 the Big Picture: On Mediterranean Sea, a formidable right of spring; in Florida, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. LIFE Unfolds: To celebrate the babes centennial year, a lineup of happy ballplayers. No kidding

Pg… 24 Camera At Work: Only a New York cabbie would dare to drive and take pictures at the same time.

Pg… 30 Almanac: Keyboard harmonies mellow the discord of war; a 35 year old upstart is still going strong; a powerful American interest group opens fire.

Pg… 38 LIFE. Special: A young woman kneeling over a Kent State student. A Vietnamese girl fleeing a storm of napalm. The people in Nice, prize–winning photos look different today. But the past forever haunts their lives, each an icon caught in time

Pg… 46 Journey: Every 10 years a sunken city in Italy, totally immersed after the construction of a hydroelectric dam, reemerges from 250 feet of water, a reminder of a simple way of life.

Pg… 60 Discovery: So cuddly. So soft. So downright cute. Animal babies seem, well, almost human. But they are not–and that's the point. The difference among natures creatures are even more intriguing than the similarities.

Pg… 78 Face to Face: In 1928 young Norman Vaughan accompanied Admiral Byrd on his first expedition to Antarctica. At 89, Vaughn returned to make the arduous trek up the mountain the great explorer named for him.

Pg… 86 The Way We Live: Eight years ago. LIFE focused on the deeply troubled parents. On a return visit, we uncover the even more desperate story of their children–orphans of the Spirit. Plus, what can be done? Return visit to the Damm family. (sequel to December 1987 issue)

Pg… 100 An American Place: Enjoy a stroll through a topiary part in Ohio, created in the image of a world–famous painting.

Pg… 102 Con The Job: Q.: What does a 465–pound sumo wrestler eat for lunch? A: Whatever he wants

Pg… 104 Pitchers to the Editor.

Pg… 106 Just One More. : Cover photographs. I Anup and Manoj Shah

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