LIFE Magazine May 1996

LIFE Magazine May 1996 Dream House


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Pg… 14 THE BIG PICTURE In America, a front–runner prepares to go all the way; judgment day on Brazil's mean streets.

Pg… 27 LIFE GOES TO . . . . China for a long–distance blessed event.

Pg… 38 ALMANAC Showcase for a mother–daughter act; practicing divine forgiveness; a new king is crowned on Broadway.

Pg… 52 LIFE SPECIAL.. One year after the tragedy in Oklahoma, families ripped apart by random violence reach out to the survivors

Pg… 67 JOURNEY.. The Palace scrambles to pick up the pieces as an attempt to polish its image turns into a royal mess. (Princess Diana)

Pg… 76 DISCOVERY.. An animal of mythic proportions, the lion stars in a stunning drama of life and death on the Serengeti.

Pg… 90 THE WAY WE LIVE.. The LIFE 1996 Dream House: classic grace, modern comfort?and a laundry room upstairs

Pg… 114 LIFE 60 YEARS.. Capturing music in pictures: an illustrated program of our favorite selections, from Toscanini to Jagger

Pg… 120 CAMERA AT WORK A million–dollar deal for Cindy Sherman's haunting self–portraits

Pg… 126 JUST ONE MORE : COVER: The LIFE 1996 Dream House could put your family on cloud nine. PHOTOGRAPH BY Jock Pottle

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