LIFE Magazine May 1999

LIFE Magazine May 1999 How Much Like Mom are You


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Pg… 11 Editor's Note: At 17, Roberto got new legs. Then a hurricane leveled his town. The good news: He's still standing tall.

Pg… 14 Letter: Readers weigh in on leprosy, teenagers, smoking debs and do-it-yourself funerals. Plus, a note on aid to Honduras.

Pg… 18 Contributors: The writers and photographers who help create LIFE.

Pg… 20 The Big Picture: Balloonists go the distance; a mighty train is wrecked in Illinois; Michigan condems Dr. Death.

Pg… 30 LIFE Around the World: One family's harrowing flight from Kosovo. Photographs by Tyler Hicks.

Pg… 36 LIFE & Times: Star Wars lands in Tunisia; Shakespeare attends the prom; a tiger visits the supermarket.

Pg… 46 Like Mother, Like Daughter: How I learned the meaning of women's work, by Cokie Roberts. Plus: From a scene-stealer named Gwyneth to a firefighter named Erika, they follow in Mom's footsteps, Photograph by Jason Fulford.

Pg… 62 The Dump Detective: This Santa Fe sleuth is a litterbug's nightmare. by Vanessa Bush, photograph by Jason Fulford.

Pg… 66 Degas in New Orleans: The city gives the great French painter am art lesson. by Daren Fonda photograph by Debbie Flemin Caffery.

Pg… 72 L.A. Underground: What does it take to dig a subway tunnel? The Snadhog knows. by Charles Hirshberg photograph by Ken Karagozian.

Pg… 83 Piano Diplomacy: Israel's Daniel Barenboim makes an overture for peace. by Richard Pollack photograph by Theo Westenberger.

Pg… 86 Zoo School: A Cincinnati academy where the sunjects range from aardvark to zebu. by Geoff Williams photograph by Teru Kuwayama.

Pg… 94 Breakfast in America: A nation sits down to the day's first meal. Photograph by Benoit Peverelli.

Pg… 100 Here's to You, Joe Dimaggio: Rare photographs of a public hero who never relinquished his privacy.

Pg… 108 The 1999 LIFE Dream House: Light, space and soul-stirring design. by Jenny Allen and Melissa Stanton photograph by Wayne Sorce.

Pg… 136 Just One More: In 1944 photographer Andreas Feininger froze molten steel.

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