LIFE Magazine May 2, 1938

LIFE Magazine May 2, 1938 Vice President John N. Garner


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Pg… 9 The General of the Armies Goes to His Son's Wedding

Pg… 13 Labor Spills Its Quota of Blood

Pg… 14 The Country's Cartoonists Have Fun with Pump–priming

Pg… 15 Newspictures of the Week

Pg… 18 The War Goes On: U. S. Nazis vs. American Veterans

Pg… 20 2,000 Germans Go to Sea to Vote "Ja"

Pg… 22 Easter: Sunrise Services from Coast to Coast

Pg… 50 Missouri Cockfight

Pg… 51 Railroading: The Southern Charlotte Division and How It Runs

Pg… 27 Washington Out–Rows California

Pg… 30 The Boston Marathon: No. 3 is No. 1

Pg… 32 "Of Mice and Men": The Critic's Favorite

Pg… 39 73,000,000 Germans Live a Synthetic Life

Pg… 42 Gallatin's Museum Is All Abstract

Pg… 46 "Un Carnet de Bal"

Pg… 43 A Wave–Cut that Lasts a Lifetime

Pg… 2 Speaking of Fashion–"It's Spinach"

Pg… 6 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 62 LIFE Goes to a Party with Artists in Advertisements

Pg… 66 Pictures to the Editors

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