LIFE Magazine May 26, 1972

LIFE Magazine May 26, 1972 Gov. George Wallace Shooting


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Pg… 4 The Wallace Shooting: The Savage Secret Behind a Smile: Arthur Bremer, Always Smiling, was a Frequent Visitor at Wallace Rallies. A Photographic Record of the Assassination Attempt

Pg… 10 The Wallace Shooting: Special Echoes on a Difficult Day: Ted Kennedy Hears the News. By David Maxey

Pg… 32 The Wallace Shooting: A Boy Who Shut Everyone Out: His Mother and His Girl Friend Talk About the Man Accused of the Shooting. By Dale Wittner

Pg… 36 The Wallace Shooting: Editorials: Killers and Kooks. The Message Wallace Sent. The Ike Precedent. Courageous Vetoes

Pg… 38 Willie Forever!: The Mays Phenomenon Comes East Again

Pg… 42 Return to Locdien: Seven Years After His First Visit, a LIFE Writer Goes Back to a Vietnamese Village and Finds the Same People Facing the Same Trouble. By Don Moser

Pg… 53 A Mother's Legacy: A Photographer Journeys to His Own Beginnings in Bucharest. Text and Photographs by Gjon Mili

Pg… 62 A Visit to Mrs. Bellamy: Sheila Horowitz, a White College Student, Finds Out what Life is Like for a Black Woman Who is Old and Poor. Photographed by John Shearer

Pg… 72 Fashion Belly Laugh: Padded Pregnancy is the Last Word in Style

Pg… 77 Parting Shots: A French Writer's Story of Her Crush on Kissinger, by Rudolph Chelminski. Missouri Greets Another Winston Churchill, by Jordan Bonfante. A Toast to Two Funny Old Pals

Pg… 12 Departments: The Presidency: Hectic Week in Washington. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 16–24 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Contemplates a Book Called "About Television" by Martin Mayer

Pg… 16–24 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel Reviews "Ten Days' Wonder," "Hammersmith Is Out" and "Fritz the Cat"

Pg… 16–24 Departments: Reviews: Sara Davidson on Emmett Grogan's Shocker Autobiography "Ringolevio"

Pg… 16–24 Departments: Reviews: William Zinsser on the Mouse in the Mousse and Other Gustatory Terrors

Pg… 26 Departments: 14 Years Ago In 'Life': A Violent Week

Pg… 31 Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 71 Departments: Consumer Watch: A Fiery Threat to Children

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