LIFE Magazine November 12, 1971

LIFE Magazine November 12, 1971 Chess Champion Bobby Fischer


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Pg… 26 Taming the Green Hell: Brazil Rams a Highway Through the Amazon Wilderness. Photographed by John Dominis

Pg… 32 With Kissinger in China: Pictures of the Presidential Aide and His Party Scouting the Ground for Nixon's Visit

Pg… 35 Fury Grows in Ulster: Inside a British Internment Camp, as Seen by a Prisoner

Pg… 4 Editorial: Out of Sorts with the World

Pg… 38A Triumph of a Tormented Poet: Eight Years After Her Death, a Literary Boom for Sylvia Piath. By Martha Duffy

Pg… 41 New Music Man: Pierre Boulez, the New Conductor of the New York Philharmonic, Leads the Way Through a 12–Tone Storm. By Joan Downs

Pg… 50A Bobby Fischer is a Ferocious Winner: A Few Strange Days in Argentina with the Man Who Could be the Next World Chess Champion. By Brad Darrach. Photographed by Harry Benson

Pg… 55 The Brain: Part III: The Mind in Action?how the Brain Controls Our Consciousness and Governs Our Day–to–Day Behavior. Photographs by Henry Groskinsky, Drawings by Frank Armitage. The Mystery of Memory, the Intricate Mechanism that Lets Us Learn. By Will Bradbury

Pg… 79 Dangerous Toys: Playthings that Can Spike, Choke or Explode. Photographed by Ralph Morse

Pg… 85–88 Parting Shots: An Onassis Servant Tells All He Knows?and then Some. By William A. McWhirter

Pg… 85–88 Parting Shots: The Great Garbo: a Recent Footnote

Pg… 8–16 Departments: Reviews: Studs Terkel on Painter Edward Hopper and a New Book About Him by Lloyd Goodrich

Pg… 8–16 Departments: Reviews: Arthur Schlesinger Jr. on Lyndon Johnson's Memoirs "The Vantage Point"

Pg… 8–16 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops on "Catch 44," Boston's Truly Public Show on Public TV

Pg… 8–16 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel on Louis Malle's "Murmur of the Heart"

Pg… 23 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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