LIFE Magazine November 1978

LIFE Magazine November 1978 Disney Mickey Mouse Turns 50


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Pg… 6 Editor's Note

Pg… 8 Windows Historic Picture of a Fiery Air Disaster

Pg… 10 Windows Portraits of the Artist as a Young Womanby Georgia O'Keeffe

Pg… 16 Windows Silvery Images of the American Past

Pg… 18 Letters

Pg… 22 Israel's Sacrifice in the Sinai A color essay on the controversial settlements

Pg… 30 What's Black and White and Red All Over? Clue: Its habitat is the People's Republic of China

Pg… 34 America Runs, Skates, Dances and Jumps for Joy A dazzling display of bodies in motion

Pg… 42 The Delirium of Disco The hottest business in the entertainment world by Albert Goldman

Pg… 54 For a Lovelier Smile … The mouth's terrain photographed by Lennart Nilsson

Pg… 62 Seventy–five Years of Flight The beginnings with the Wright brothers: the first plane that really worked; 50 great aircraft; a chronicle of aviation drama and derring–do

Pg… 80 Three Black Designers Dresses that dance till dawn

Pg… 88 Giraffes At home with the world's tallest animals

Pg… 96 Mickey's Children Mickey Mouse is 50 and animation art is thriving

Pg… 103 Brief Record of a Gentle Pope The humor and humanity of John Paul I by Dora Jane Hamblin

Pg… 106 Rising Terror in Rhodesia Blacks and whites live in daily fear

Pg… 114 Life Around the World Come Down, Sakamoto

Pg… 116 Life Around the World Little Temple Far from Home

Pg… 118 Life Around the World Good–bye to a Team Worth Laughing About

Pg… 120 Just One More

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