LIFE Magazine November 1983

LIFE Magazine November 1983 President Kennedy Assassination 20th Anniversary


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note: A Personal Memoir of Grief Delayed.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: Done Wrong by the Right Stuff by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 10 Letters.

Pg… 23 Camera at Work: The Distinguished Photographers Who Captured the Kennedy Charm.

Pg… 48 Cover Story: Four Days That Stopped America, 20 Years Later, the Kennedy Assassination Is Relived.

Pg… 74 West Bank Yanks: Arabs and Jews from the US Are Bitter Adversaries in the Middle East

Pg… 84 Harvesting the Winds: Across the U.S. Updated Versions of the Old–Fashioned Windmill Are Sprouting up

Pg… 90 Pops Top Cops: The Rock Group Police Is Nabbing Big Bucks with Its '80s Beat

Pg… 101 Fashions Hot Kamali: The New York Designers Skintight Bodysuits Are Not for the Bland

Pg… 112 Top Sergeant of the LA Games: Ex–Businessman Peter Ueberroth Plans the 1984 Olympics by David Israel.

Pg… 122 It's Town (Pop .6)Vs. Railroad: America's Smallest Incorporated Village Takes on the Great Big Chicago and Northwest Railroad.

Pg… 131 Making over Mariel: At 22, a Brawny Hemingway Is Transformed into a Voluptuous Playboy Centerfold.

Pg… 139 Twang's and Tweedle's: A Fraternity of Serious Musicians Invent Some Weird New Instruments.

Pg… 147 Little School of High Hopes: Migrant Children Blossom under a Remarkable Teaching Nun

Pg… 160 LIFE Visits Cameroon: A New $30 Million Tarzan Movie Goes on Location in the Jungles of West Africa.

Pg… 181 LIFE around the World: A Chorus Line Celebrates… Soaring to His Death… Two Stars Born with–Not in–a Trunk… a Bloody Face–Off over Nukes in Sicily

Pg… 188 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Elford Eisenstaedt

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