LIFE Magazine November 1986

LIFE Magazine November 1986 Tom Cruise and Paul Newman


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Pg… 10 THE BIG PICTURE Flames engulf the Riviera, a Boomtown Rat weds a tattooed lady, and a warplane weathers frostbite in Florida

Pg… 19 AMERICAN DREAMER Stephen LaBerge, The Doctor of Dreams By Anne Fadiman

Pg… 50 GOOD WORKS A Boy and His Dog For the disabled, man's best friend is something more

Pg… 58 HOME What Kind of Real Estate Can You Buy for $100,000?

Pg… 64 MYSTERY The Dark Romance of Dian Fossey Caring for gorillas more than people was fatal for the well–known scientist By Harold Hayes

Pg… 22 AMERICAN ADDRESS The Aryan Mountain Kingdom By Pat Jordan

Pg… 32 ROYAL WATCH The Princess and Her Peeves Married to Queen Elizabeth's cousin, a flamboyant foreigner upsets the British

Pg… 72 COVER: MOVIES The Cool Hand and The Kid Tom Cruise drops by Paul Newman's house in Westport, Conn.

Pg… 80 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Enrico Ferorelli

Pg… 42 MILITARY The War Room The first close look inside the U.S. secret nuclear command post

Pg… 64 Rwandan gorilla

Pg… 32 Princess Michael minds her manor

Pg… 22 Racists' enclave in Idaho

Pg… 72 Paul tutors Tom

Pg… 58 $100,000 Victorian Homes

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